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Courses for Overseas Teachers of English in London: enhance your professional status, both within your teaching institution and within the profession as a whole.

Location: London
Level: Intermediate and above
Cost: Course fee plus Accommodation fee plus Registration fee

Our college offers an exciting central London location near Oxford Street with world-famous shopping and sightseeing to enjoy. The school occupies a five storey building, providing 22 classrooms with excellent facilities including a modern library, student cafe and free WiFi broadband Internet access.

The Creative Methodology Course syllabus includes approaches and methods (e.g. silent way, task-based learning, visualisation, multiple intelligences, lexical approach), classroom techniques (e.g. Harmer’s ESA teaching model, Scrivener’s ARC teaching model), classroom management (e.g. instructions, eye contact, interaction, use of L1, discipline) and correction techniques (e.g. error analysis, recent changes in spoken British English). 

The Professional Development Course syllabus includes library research, project work, autonomy and independent learning, teaching with IT, observation of teaching, staffroom collaboration and continuing professional development (CPD). Examples of syllabus content include activities for teaching English literature, conducting a cultural awareness survey, adapting to different learning styles and needs, promoting learning outside the classroom, teaching with internet and intranet, analysing didactic business English materials, career development and portfolio-building.

Methodology and Language Skills  course provides a forum for development of your professional skills, from insights into recent developments in English language teaching to practical classroom ideas and activities. It is also designed to develop your knowledge of contemporary English usage and provide you with the opportunity to improve your all-round competence in English.

On completion of your course, you will receive a certificate, with details of the course dates, the number of course hours, and details of topics covered. In addition you will receive a detailed and personalised report from the Course Director, with suggestions for further professional development.





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