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По вашему мнению,что является главным стимулом в изучении иностранного языка?


Тест на знание английского языка

Хотите определить свой уровень английского языка? Пройдите небольшой тест, который займет у Вас не более 10 минут.

Выберите один из трех предложенных ответов:

What's that girl?

Whose flowers are they? They're _____ .

Where _____ on Saturdays?

Do I like that shop? Yes, I _____ every week.

I asked her if she _____ a good trip.

I feel very well because I went to bed early _____.

My brother was _____ all week.

James _____ to play football tomorrow.

She asked him whether _____ England.

This is _____ that.

When _____, give her this book.

______ he's finished his meal he can go out.

We _____ her since last summer.

I enjoyed _____ the dinner.

I'm going to give _____.

_____ lovely food!

How's the baby?

When we got to school, we _____ the bell.

My daughter is _____.

She was very generous, _____ her efforts to save.

He's normally _____ in any emergency.

He _____ someone I knew in the army.

He aimed his gun _____ the target.

She _____ her engagement just before the wedding.

The lawyer will _____ the contract for you.

This door _____ when you open it. You must put some oil on the hinges.

He's not as honest as he _____.

He didn't _____ to walk.

I _____ travelling by bus.

Which would you _____ have, black or white?

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