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English lessons for groups

We organise English language programs for teenagers and adults. We offer specially designed programs to meet your specific learning needs, whether you come to England on your own and wish to join a learning group at one of the leading private colledges, or come to England with a group, organised in your work place (school, educational centre etc)

English lessons for groups

- Elementary, Pre-Elementary, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced levels

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English course for groups in a nutshell

Course description

Choosing The White Apple Company as your learning organiser, you have a unique opportunity to visit the historic town of Stratford on Avon and learn English by living with a local family, have intensive English lessons with qualified teachers, and also have a chance to enjoy guided tours and excursions.

18 years of experience in organising English Lessons for groups have given us confidence in the credibility of our courses. We pride ourselves on offering the best teaching for the best value, with a reputation for outstanding teachers, flexible lessons and excellent learning experience.

A school study trip abroad to consolidate and improve a skill such as a foreign language is an effective and fun way to see results, and fast!

Usually in September, with students fresh from holidays and the new school year due to start, the perfect time comes for parents and teachers to start thinking about school trips abroad for the next academic year.

For students studying English language, there can be no better opportunity to bring the language to life than speaking it in the country where it’s spoken. A language trip to England is a valuable chance to put into practice all those years of language learning, outside the confines of the traditional classroom, and give real purpose to the language you have learned so far.
Students will receive instant reward and gratification as they make themselves understood and have real-life conversations, something that can only encourage and motivate further.

Practising the language with locals, listening to the language all around you, even making mistakes, will all take you much further than any text book - you will actually want to learn the language and get past the language barrier.

Equally, from a teacher’s point of view, the chance to take your students abroad and interact with them in a social as well as academic environment can often have the positive knock-on effect of enhancing your rapport with them, something that will last well past the trip itself.

These courses are designed to improve students general proficiency in English. Our aim is to develop your ability to communicate more effectively and to understand English as it is spoken by native speakers. These courses therefore cover the basic skills of speaking, reading, listening and writing, as well as the development of your grammar, vocabulary and fluency in the language. Also courses can be tailored to suit the needs of students in a particular class.

School study trips are usually organised with a maximum of 52 students in a group including the group leaders (with a ratio of 1 teacher to 6 children under the age of 16). Students will be having 15 hours of English lessons a week, in small groups, with qualified English teachers. In addition, students would normally be given between one and two hours' work to prepare for the next day's lessons. There will also be some project work to be completed over the weekend. We can organise you stay for any duration -from 3 days to 7 weeks summer half term holiday.

Study trips for adults have proven to be a very popular choice for small organizations and also groups of school / universities English teachers, for an instant boost in their language fluency. Organised in a similar format to the school study trips, these courses are for adults only. They are run in much smaller groups, and with a starting point at your level of English, whether it's a Beginner or a Proficient level.   

Come to Stratford on Avon and learn to communicate effectively and more fluently in everyday English on these lively, interactive courses for teenagers and adults.
You will be impressed at just how quickly your confidence grows as your English language skills improve, immersed in real-life situations and interactions within a wholly English speaking environment.

Course modules

There are four skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking which need to be studied and developed right from the first level to achieve understanding and expression in authentic communicative situations.

Examples of the subjects covered in the lessons are:

- Grammar (forming words, sentence structure, spelling and word sounds). Not in the form of strict rules, but through communication and practice.
- Everyday situations which you will encounter during your stay in England such as meeting people, telephone conversations etc.
- Vocabulary and idiomatic expressions
- Styles of language use; when a particular use of language is acceptable
- Cultural factors such as the meaning of words in different contexts; the gestures and body language which accompany and influence communication
- Language use

The main emphasis of these lessons is placed on the development of communication skills in spoken and written present-day English.

We use only English language, with beginners too. Structures and vocabulary are adapted to the lower levels and become progressively more complex. At advanced levels different types of text are used to encourage the recognition and reproduction of different language styles.

Your teachers

We place great emphasis on our selection of teachers. We look for well-educated, motivated, interesting people who will be capable of motivating all their students. They must be fully qualified and be experienced in working with foreign students. Our teachers have prepared themselves for their inter-cultural task through intensive studies, they have been trained in both traditional and more modern teaching methods, and frequently use role-play, rhythm exercises and word games.
You will find the teachers friendly but efficient, and capable of responding to your particular learning requirements. Throughout your course, your teacher will be a supportive, understanding guide to the learning process who will monitor your progress and create opportunities for practice in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.

Your accommodation

You will be living with a local host family, in a separate single / twin bedroom in a well maintained family house. You can expect a clean, safe and pleasant home, three healthy meals a day (breakfast, packed lunch and a dinner), and most importantly - a friendly, supportive and English-speaking enviroment.
While living with a hosting family, students will be encouraged to participate in day-to-day family life and learn about the local customs. Living with a host family is the best way to totally immerse yourself in another culture!

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English course for groups in a nutshell

Each course is exceptional value-for-money and includes:

• A group leader has our full support and expertise in respect of the paperwork  necessary for visas, health and safety regulations, lessons modules, host families details etc
• Transfers to and from the airport in a comfortable air conditioned coach
• Full-board accommodation in a comfortable single/double  room
• Three healthy meals a day
• 15 hours of intensive English lessons a week - extra hours are optional
• Orientation of Stratford on Avon on your first day
• Afternoons of project work and day activities
• Use of books and course materials
• Post course report (if required)
• Student helpline
• Optional trips and excursions 
• Certificate of attendance

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