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English lessons via Skype
with native teachers from England


Would you like to improve your English language skills and pronunciation by practicing with a native speaker, and become more confident in communication?

Modern technology allows you to learn English online, in the comfort of your home, with highly skilled native speaking teachers from England.


Research has shown that the most efficient way of learning to speak a foreign language is by having regular lessons lasting no longer than half an hour rather than longer and less frequent lessons which can lead to an information overload, which in turn leads to frustration and poor results.

With shorter lessons you will quickly realise how much easier it is to understand both the spoken and written word. Over time you will begin to notice a greater fluency and confidence in conversational English and finally put an end to the 'fear' of speaking English.

Most importantly, after a few lessons you will feel positive about your improving vocabulary and become more confident in starting conversations in English. Our experience has shown that after 3 to 4 lessons students actively join the dialog with their teacher and the use of English words and phrases increases. Overcoming the language barrier and a steady growth of your confidence in conversational English are the clear results of our courses. We usually recommend that new students begin with a 5 week course of 2 lessons per week. Equally, it is possible to tailor lessons frequency to your own learning needs.

Learning English via Skype is growing in popularity. By choosing The White Apple Company you can be assured in the reliability and quality of our teaching standards. The White Apple company is a British company, registered in England and Wales and is a member of British Chamber of Commerce.
You can be assured of the professionalism of our teachers as we employ only highly skilled specialists who bring vast experience of teaching foreign students. All our teachers have completed a selection procedure, in which we take into account not only their teaching qualifications and experience but also their dialect, accent and diction. Please click here to see our teaches CVs.

How to book a Skype lesson

1. Choose the date and time of your lessons.

2. Fill out the Enquiry Form, providing  us with your personal data. This includes your level of knowledge (Beginner, Lower intermediate, Upper intermediate, Advanced); also choose whether you require conversational English or Business English lessons. Once completed, send your Enquiry Form to the email that is stated on the top of the form. Our manager will get in touch with you shortly after and arrange a quick chat on Skype with you to explain how the lessons are run. We are happy to offer you a complementary trial lesson so you can see how effective they are!

3. Once you have received an agreed schedule of lessons from us, you pay for the course. For further information about payment methods, please click here. Once payment is received confirmation of the course which will be sent to you.

English Lessons by Skype... easy steps

1. You can have your lessons by telephone but the main method of study for our lessons is Skype, during which you not only hear your teachers but also see them. During lesson you will also receive written comments.
2. Each lesson will last 25 minutes but you can have double lessons (50min) or triple lessons (75min) if you wish.
3. Your teacher will support you by choosing the themes for conversation, whether it’s an everyday situation, business situation, exchange of opinions, preparing for a tourist trip, interview/negotiations, small talk, role play etc. Your teacher will offer you a small text for reading during which you both will work on the new vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar.
4. Your teacher will correct your mistakes during the lesson and these could be in your conversation as stylistic, phonetic, or vocabulary.
5. If you would like to finish the teaching course or change your lesson schedule, simply contact with us via email provided on your Course Confirmation letter.

Click here to find out more about English Lessons by Skype.


A unique opportunity for swift professional growth and unlocking your full potential will be provided to your business in partnership with The White Apple Company. Even if you have the highest professional knowledge and possess a wealth of practical experience,  expansion of your business to international level is impossible, if you lack professionals who can speak English with confidence.

English is the most widely spoken business language in the world. Constraints of conversation with foreign partners, the inability to present oneself correctly, and a lack of knowledge of ethics in conducting negotiations all hinder the development and growth of your company.

An example of some of the lessons in the Business English Course can be viewed  here. For further information about Business Courses, please contact us.

Combined Courses for General and Business English that we offer for corporate clients are the ideal solution to overcome these challenges. We will not only create a program for you, we will also select the best teacher with largest experience of working with foreign companies. We will quickly help you to improve confidence in conversation of the English language with your business partners, overcome language barriers, and receive priceless knowledge about subtle nuances in business conversations.
Courses are possible by Skype or by on-line Web Conference, when you and colleagues can connect to the Online Meeting Room and speak directly with our teachers. A Business English course is possible in the format of One to One, Two to One, and also in small groups. We recommend a minimum of 10 academic hours (at a duration of 45 minutes) for beginners. A Certificate of Achievement will be given after passing the course.

Start your path to success today!!!

Lesson fees.

General Business or Business English, One to One (25min)

Lessons booked            Price per lesson, euro

1 to 15                                        12,60
16 to 80                                      11,10
over 81                                        10,20

* Lesson fees cover: 1. teaching materials sent to the student prior to the lesson 2. one to one online lesson with the teacher 3. homework material emailed to the student 4. homework marked by the teacher upon completion. 

Business English Lessons for corporate clients

          A course of 10 lessons                          Per person, euro
                  *45 min each        One to One        Two to One    In groups                                                                       

                                                      294            192                142

Via Web conference: the same plus 10%

Please Contact us for more information.

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