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Consultancy services

The White Apple Company provides English / Russian consultancy services to promote trade between the UK and former Soviet countries. Please contact Dasha Ager for more information.

Dasha Ager:
Tel. (0044) 7771 547 956
Linkedin: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/dashaager
Skype: dasha.ager
Email: here

Profile summary:

- A native Russian speaker who is fluent in English and Russian
- A deep understanding of East European cultures, consumer behaviours and approaches to business having held senior Audit roles for 7 years in Russia
- Established network of business contacts in Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Baltic countries and other former USSR states
- Commercially astute with an ability to overcome cultural and language barriers and accelerate cross-border trade
- Access to a broad range of Russian/English business professionals to provide consultancy or contract services
- Strong business acumen, business development and communication skills developed through the creation of two UK - Russian businesses

The White Apple Company also offers Business Seminars, a high profile series of ‘masterclass’ style talks by prominent business consultants from the City of London. Organised in small groups, these seminars are for senior managers who recognise how learning can give businesses the competitive edge. You will find that these thought provoking presentations pull no punches and will leave you buzzing with new ideas on how to become an even better manager.

Specialising in Business Management, Banking and Finance our speakers are professionals from the City of London who have hand-on practical experience of their specialist areas. Synchronised translation will be available where required, supported by printed presentation materials which will also be translated into your local language.

These business seminars are customised to the needs of your business and management teams and our experience is that they are most successful when there are groups of up to 10 people. That size of group allows delegates to interact with the presenters throughout the seminars with frequent opportunities given for Question and Answer sessions in order that learning is maximised.

Before the seminar we will work with your seminar organiser to understand the needs of your team and then develop the content of the seminar to reflect your business needs and the seniority of the delegates who will be attending.

These events, which are usually for 2-5 days in duration, will take place in the centre of Stratford upon Avon. Full conference, accommodation and dining facilities will be made available for delegates in a four-five star hotel. Lectures will take place in a separate area of the hotel where translators will be available, with separate ‘break-out’ rooms being made available where delegates will be given the opportunity to tackle simulated business issues either individually or in smaller groups.

We pride ourselves in developing seminars which are focused on the needs of your business and delegates. With the current business climate rapidly losing its tolerance for management error, the need for rock-solid accountability is increasing. Learn from the experts and make sure you make it to these fascinating presentations.

Please Contact us for more information

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